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Learning Resource Management


    Ms. Rebecca C. Sagot
    Education Program Supervisor

    E-mail Address:
    Contact No: 0998 544 8892
    Mr. Neil Edward D. Diaz
    Project Development Officer II

    E-mail Address:
    Ms. Charline V. Udani
    Librarian II

    E-mail Address:


     Specific Functions:



Manage the implementation of policies, guidelines, standards and specifications in the procurement, development, production and utilization of learning resources.


Evaluate, quality assure and approved localized learning resources for the use of schools, LCs and the School’s Division Office (SDO).


Develop materials for various delivery systems through the use ICT-enbale solutions.


Provide technical assistance to schools and LCs in development, production, storage, distribution, and utilization of learning.


Oversee the Uitlization of processes to support access to teaching and learning  resources.