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Planning and Research


    Mr. Mervin G. Salmon
    Senior Education Program Specialist
    Ms. Maria Fe T. Dela Cruz
    Administrative Assistant I

    Mr. Saulo C. Dumdum
    Administrative Aide





       To facilitate the formulation and implementation of education plans, standards, policies and guidelines in all areas of basic education in the division.


       To develop and maintain Division Education Planning and Data Management Systems and  conduct  research studies  to provide critical inputs as bases for management’s strategic and operational decisions.


     Specific Functions:



Lead in the preparation and updating of the Division Education Development Plan (DEDP)


Lead in the preparation of the schools division's annual plan and budget


Prepare the schools division research agenda and oversee its implementation


Oversee and provide technical assistance to schools and learning centers in the preparation of their respective plans


Serve as the clearing house for division basic education data/information


Prepare division statistical reports that will support schools division planning, research and decision-making


Generate and disseminate timely, accurate and relevant basic education statistics to both internal and external stakeholders (e.g., LGUs, CSOs)


Validate data inputted by schools and LCs in the EBEIS


Prepare schools division planning-related reports as may be required by the Central and Regional Offices, and other partner organizations