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Social Mobilization and Networking


    Mr. Antonio P. Delos Reyes
    Senior Education Program Specialist
    Ms. Madralyn B. Anas
    Education Program Specialist II

    Ms. Mary Kristine C. Sagot
    Project Development Officer II





       To ensure provision of resources needed by the schools division office, schools and learning centres, and compliance to standards towards good governance and effective operations


     Specific Functions:



Establish and manage a communication system to strengthen relationships with external partners and inform the public of the status and accomplishments of the schools division


Establish and nurture partnerships with internal/external stakeholders and mobilize resources to support the delivery of basic education


Establish a media network and mechanism for effective public relations


Implement policies, standards, and guidelines for outcomes-focused resource mobilization


Tap resources to fund school-based INSET, division-wide capability building activities and educational researches


Provide technical assistance to schools/LCs in the generation and mobilization of resources to carry out various programs & projects


Coordinate the implementation of special programs and projects and manage the conduct of special events


Engage all stakeholders in planning and budgeting relative to SEF (through the PSDS)


Strengthen sharing and clustering of schools and LCs and workgroups to build communities of schools/LCs, teachers, and learners within the schools division


Engage the schools division office and stakeholders (as needed) in planning, implementing, coordinating and monitoring activities related to Disaster Risk Reduction Management (DRRM), Education in Emergencies (EiE), climate change mitigation and adaptation.