Department of Education


Office of the Assistant Schools Division Superintendent


Rebecca C. Sagot, CESO VI

Assistant Schools Division Superintendent


Dave Mark C. Ang

Administrative Assistant III


Mecca Diane C. Rosal

Administrative Aide VI

Specific Functions:

1. Assist the Schools Division Superintendent in the management of the schools division and in exercising management functions of planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling. The ASDS may be assigned specific areas of responsibilities and be delegated the necessary authority to perform the task/s by the SDS (e.g. Education Support cluster).

2. Assist the SDS in the crafting and implementation of the education development plans and programs of the schools division.

3. Assist the SDS in the conduct of periodic visits to public and private schools and learning centers to check compliance with standards in the implementation of curricular requirements and programs/projects.

4. Represent the SDS by acting as the chairman in committees and bodies (i.e. the DEDP/ SIP/AIP Committee, Bids and Awards Committee, Division Selection Committee/ Promo Board) as may be assigned by the SDS.