Department of Education


School Management Monitoring and Evaluation Section


Arnel F. Labasan

Senior Education Program Specialist


Danilo Q. Lumayno

Education Program Specialist II


Primarily accountable for the implementation of standards and policies relevant to managing schools and to ensure that the following are provided to implemented in schools for the purpose of effectiveness:

- Quality Management System Implementation

- Assessment

- Technical Assistance

Specific Functions:

1. Manage the implementation of the division assessment program aligned to the national assessment framework.

2. Provide technical assistance to schools and LCs in assessing learning for diagnostic, formative and summative purposes in terms of:

- Authentic assessment strategies and tools for classroom use;

- Utilization of results for monitoring progress and for grading purposes.

3. Supervise the efficient administration of national, regional, and division assessment tests.

4. Provide technical assistance to schools in the utilization of assessment results for making instructional decisions.

5. Manage a quality management system to ensure application of standards for quality division education planning, quality implementation of processes and quality control of education outcomes of schools and LCs.

6. Oversee conformance to national and regional standards and guidelines in:

- Capacitating schools for school improvement planning;

- Implementing SBM programs and projects;

- Evaluating achievement of school and learning outcomes.

7. Lead in the development of an M&E system in the schools division.

8. Manage the regular conduct of Division Monitoring , Evaluation and Adjustment (DMEA) program.

9. Monitor and evaluate performance of the Schools Division along:

- Technical assistance to schools and LCs in such areas as:

· Curriculum implementation;

· SBM installation and creation of the enabling environment;

· Assessment of SBM level of practice;

· SBM M&E implementation in schools;

· Implementation of national and regional programs and projects;

· Utilization of assessment and evaluation results of all programs and projects.

- Distribution of education resources to schools and LCs;

- Organizational effectiveness of the schools division;

- Organizational support.