Department of Education


Human Resource Development


Gay P. Taguiran

Senior Education Program Specialist


June Angelo A. Mercado

Education Program Specialist II


To implement efficient and effective Human Resource Development Systems to ensure availability of competent education leaders, teaching and non-teaching personnel for the schools, learning centers and schools division office at all times.

Specific Functions:

1. Install, implement, and manage the HRD services and the T and D Systems for the schools division

2. Develop and implement a master plan for professional development and career management for all personnel within the schools division.

3. Manage the scholarship and training grants program for the schools division office.

4. Provide technical assistance to the Schools and LCs on the implementation of the Employee Benefits Programs and HRD systems.

5. Manage the needs assessment, program planning, resource development and delivery of needs-based professional programs for the Schools Division Office, districts, schools and LCs.

6. Provide technical assistance on the implementation of the school-based training and development program for teachers.

7. Monitor and evaluate the implementation of the HRD and the T&D Systems in the schools divisions.

8. Manage the Training and Development Information System (TDIS), a component of the HRMIS, in support to the provision of quality programs.