Department of Education


Legal Section


Vevirlie Gallo

Attorney III

Specific Functions:

1. Provide legal advice and render legal opinions to the SDS, ASDS, officials of the Division in relation to the performance of their functions.

2. Interpret laws and rules affecting the operation of various division programs.

3. Prepare and review contracts, MOAs and instruments to which the Division or any of its offices and school is a party, and interprets the provisions therein.

4. Evaluate complaints filed, conducts investigation and draft decisions and orders of cases against non-teaching personnel within the Division.

5. Conduct investigations of complaints against teaching personnel as may be delegated by the regional office.

6. Draft actions/endorsements on complaints and letters for signature of the SDS in accordance with the provisions of the law and DepED rules and regulations.

7. Represent the Division in court cases, when deputized by the OSG.

8. Perform such other functions as may be delegated by the Superintendent.